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Catering is an industry that has provided services for large gatherings in the United States such as weddings, banquets, birthday parties and other festivities. Catering is defined as the business of providing food and drink at social events.
The idea of catering dates back to the 4th millennium BC in China where slaves were required to provide and serve food to their masters. A culture of grand eating and drinking was also present in ancient Egypt around the same time, also involving slaves serving food to their masters.
During the middle ages, the monetary economy helped catering flourish among the wealthy rulers of the nation. This trade spread during the reign of Charlemagne as the growth of restaurants started after the 18th century.
In the mid-1800s the first catering boiler was invented by Alexis Soyer. The boiler – well known today –was a pan filled with hot water that sat underneath the dish of food to help keep it warm. This would be the start of the chafing dish, how food is kept warm at long events today.
By the time American got involved in this industry, catering was still very young. It began kicking up speed after World War II when companies who made food supplies for the war needed something to do after the war had ended. As the economy grew and people became wealthier, these companies and caterers found that there was a higher demand for their services. Caterers would serve food and drink at these wealthy get-togethers.
From this point on (particularly in the 19th and 20th century) technical innovations and improvements in transportation made the catering industry grow. Today, catering services are available at a majority of restaurants, both privately owned and nation-wide chains. In Westchester County, there are a number of great catering options that are perfect for hosting your end-of-summer bash!
NY Firehouse Grille, located in Peekskill, NY is an excellent catering option for your end- of- summer bash! Back- to- school season is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning that last pool party for the kids. An afternoon in the sun screams summer, and you know what goes perfect with that summer feeling? Barbecue!
Firehouse Grille serves delicious traditional and non-traditional bar food and is known for having the best hot wings in the area. They have a full catering menu available for any kind of event both on and off-site.

Firehouse Grille catering services are available for events such as:
• Corporate events
• Birthday Parties
• Bridal Parties
• Graduation Parties
• Holiday Parties
• Backyard Barbecues

Some of our options for your catered events include the following:

• Pulled Pork Sliders
• Boneless bites
• Chicken Parmesan bites

Main Dishes:
• Penne Vodka
• Lobster mac and cheese
• Ribs

Side dishes:
• Fresh garden salad
• Fried
• Vegetable spring rolls.
For more information about what is offered at NY Firehouse Grille and how you can set up your summer party alongside our catering services – contact us today!

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