History Of The Sports Bar

Sports bars have become a well-loved American restaurant style for some time now. They’re family friendly, a great place for the guys to hangout and watch the game and just enjoy the all American traditions that is sports!

But where did this unique style of restaurant originate from?

The first sports bar has roots in a family tavern founded during the early 1930s. America’s original sports bar was located right by the field gates of Sportsman Park located in St. Louis- home of the Cardinals and Browns. It was called Field of Dreams and was right across the street from the ballpark where these two teams were housed for 34 years.

This family owned tavern because of its proximity to the ballpark was a huge hangout spot for sports figures and fans. Patrons could listen to the Browns or Cardinal games on the radio while they enjoyed something from the sidewalk grill. Some of their common food options were a hotdog, burger or pork chops which are classic options you see at sports bars.

From that point on, serving all American foods like these while listening to or watching sports became a popular style of eating out around the Montrose, NY area.

Then, everything changed with the buffalo chicken wing.

This sports bar classic is well loved by many today. The first plate of buffalo chicken wings was served in 1964 at a family-owned establishment in Buffalo called the Anchor Bar. (Hence, the origin of the name) These chicken wings were covered in a special sauce and served with a side of blue cheese and celery because at the time of its first making, that is all the restaurant had around at that moment. The combination was revolutionary to the taste buds and the rest is history.

The Buffalo wings, burgers and hot dogs were all well-loved, and delicately paired with an ice cold beer.

Because the first sports bar was originated in a tavern, the alcohol culture quickly grew with people hanging out in Brewery’s and taverns. As times began changing throughout history, alcohol was soon rooted into restaurants-giving the environment a relaxed feel while still being family friendly. Mom can have her hard lemonades, dad can drink his beer and the kids can enjoy a virgin fruit drink or soda. Many sports bars are family friendly and alcohol safety is number one above all!

Today sports bars are still popular and are featured at a lot of local spots and chain restaurants. A great sports bar option if you live in Westchester or Croton-On-Hudson is NY Firehouse Grille. Located in Peekskill, NY Firehouse Grille is an American Restaurant and bar offering great food in a great family friendly atmosphere. They’re known for having the best wings living near Montrose, NY offering a huge selection on sauces and dry ribs.

NY Firehouse Grille also has a build your own burger option with patties ranging from ground beef, turkey, grilled or friend chicken, a garden burger or even crab cakes. They also have a number of entrees you can choose from like salads, sandwiches and BBQ options.

With 12 big screen TVs and the only restaurant in the area to air UFC fights, NY Firehouse Grille is the best sports bar near Croton-on-Hudson to plan a game night around. We offer plenty of specials for games and events so make sure to stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates!

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