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Restaurants with Live Entertainment

With pandemic restrictions easing and businesses starting to operate normally, eating out is now an option. Also, summer is a great time to listen to new bands and enjoy a good meal with friends. Restaurants with live entertainment are a popular way to do both. Additionally, sports bars during game nights are a really good choice to enjoy your favorite sports with old friends and new friends.

NY Firehouse Grille is one of Peekskill, NY’s best restaurants. Live entertainment and a sports bar. There is always something to do here. Even if you just want a meal with family, or a drink with co-workers or friends, NY Firehouse Grille has something for everyone. Even our menu has a variety of dining options.

In or Out?

Not sure if you want to eat inside with the band or game playing? NY Firehouse Grille has a patio that we open during nice weather. You can still enjoy the entertainment, but at a quieter level and on your own terms. Additionally, you can enjoy conversation with your dining companions without having to yell over music or cheering.

NY Firehouse Grille also offers takeout and curbside pickup if you decide you want a more intimate setting or don’t feel like eating out. Not everyone is ready to be out and about in public, yet. You can place your order online and schedule a time to pickup.

Dining Options

NY Firehouse Grille offers a wide variety of dishes and specials. No matter your dietary requirements we have something for you. From 50 different flavors of wings, to burgers, to barbeque, and even seafood. You can even customize your burger as we offer different patty options, such as beef, turkey, or even the plant-based Beyond burger for your vegan friends.

Our menu contains has over 16 appetizers. So even if you don’t want a full meal, you still have an array of choices. NY Firehouse Grille’s menu is full of different meal options. There isn’t anyone who would be disappointed in the dining choices available at NY Firehouse Grille.

Restaurants with Live Entertainment

Finding a restaurant with award winning food and live entertainment can be difficult. NY Firehouse Grille is pleased to serve the Peekskill community with the best(914) 690-7591 or stop by today!


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