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7 Reasons To Try Lunch Catering

lunch catering

A recent study has shown that only half of all Americans are completely satisfied with their jobs. Fortunately, this can be improved by putting on a great business lunch and improving work benefits.

Office lunch catering offers the best solution for keeping your employees happy and healthy during their workday! However, there’s a lot of pressure to choose a reliable office lunch catering company.

With so many options out there, It’s never been easier to find a great lunch for your team that best suits your budget and taste. The good news is, the benefits are worthwhile! If you’re a business owner that wants to cater lunch for your employees, here are five reasons why the decision is a resounding and emphatic YES!

Healthy and Fresh Meals

Your choice of meal impacts your health significantly. Without the proper fuel, the body can’t perform at its best! A study shows that a balanced lunch improves productivity by 20%. Employers should work with catering companies that focus on providing nutritious yet delicious meals. 

Everyone in the office has an opportunity to succeed and be creative while feeling satisfied after eating healthy food- including those living with dietary restrictions like vegans or allergies, etc. 

We recommend that employers consider how different nutrients (meal types) affect workers’ performance levels during pre, post, and intra-work hours and place demand accordingly.

At NY Firehouse Grille, you get a variety of gluten and dairy-free options to meet your every need. All our meals are prepared using fresh ingredients daily so that they can power you through any diet restriction or preference with ease! 

Increased Productivity

Statistics show that around one-third of people in employment are actively looking for new jobs. Eleven out of every hundred employees quit because they feel their job isn’t challenging enough or has no prospects, while others leave due to inadequate management practices. 

The fact remains that a happy team is a productive one! What better way to show your staff they’ve done good work than by rewarding them with something special? Give out an edible treat and watch creativity soar at its peak! At NY Firehouse Grille, we’re known for catering delicious menus and can easily handle groups from 10 people up—no matter the size. 


Virtual food businesses are rapidly becoming the norm in today’s technologically driven world. With more and more people choosing delivery or takeout, restaurants will have ample space reserved just for catering services – leaving employees with their heads down on work while they enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet! 

Schedules can shift, and deadlines are subject to change, so even if you don’t “plan ahead,” NY Firehouse Grille Understands. We’ll have your office order ready for pick up when needed! Keep yourself positive by treating the team members well with delicious meals because they deserve the most from the past week-long project that has emotionally taxed them.

You don’t need to give up your afternoon break when there’s plenty of time left at lunchtime because ordering from one company means that you are getting tasty dishes delivered and making sure everyone has enough energy afterward. 

Various Meal Style Options

Staying in for lunch has never seemed more attractive to employees. The rise of office canteens, free lunch company perks, and pandemic restrictions have made it easier than ever for workers across Westchester, NY, to stay at their desks until close every day without going out hungry-hammered or dealing with too many people on the street corner.

If you are looking for a way to bring your team together, NY Firehouse Grille has an ideal menu. We can provide lunch buffets with fresh salads and hot meals or sandwich trays. 

Encourage Camaraderie

Lunchtime is an opportunity to bring people together. Employees throughout your company will be eating at this time, which creates a sense of community and fosters friendships that may lead to more collaborative behavior. This leads to an increase in productivity and revenue for you as an employer.

Recruit Potential New Employees

To attract prospective employees, what better way than showing them how successful and well-rounded you are as a company? Occasional lunch catering is one of many ways that will make your business stand out from all others.

Whether it’s large or small with just a few valued workers in tow; eventually, every small business needs fresh blood on board. Demonstrate an active hands-off approach by hosting some workplace perks such as free food from time-to-time.

Food Without Hussle 

Office lunch catering can be part of the solution in achieving sustainable business practices that allow you to save money while enjoying high-quality meals. 

Our clean, fresh office lunch catering from NY Firehouse Grille will have you feeling satisfied and renewed. We offer a variety of menus that are both healthy, delicious, and fulfilling for your appetite! 

Contact us today; We offer an extensive menu option to help you save time with catering needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cater a business lunch?

Below are eight effective tips for catering a business lunch: 

  1. Dress appropriately
  2. Make an excellent first and best impression
  3. Put your phone away
  4. Sit down together
  5. Order something easy to eat
  6. Don’t eat until everyone is served and ready

What do you serve at a lunch meeting? 

Below is a list of tasty and healthy meals to serve in lunch meetings:

  • variety of fresh or seasonal fruit
  • vegetable-based or broth low sodium soups 
  • Sandwich tray with fresh cheese and vegetables 
  • Salads with a variety of fruits and vegetable  
  • 100% whole grain bread

What does catered lunch mean? 

Catered lunches are meals organized by event organizers or employers who hire someone to prepare free meals for attendees or staff of an organization.

Why is catering important? 

The importance of hiring professional caterers cannot be stressed enough when dealing with large-scale events like parties; this ensures ease among guests and saves lots more work from being done beforehand, which can take up valuable hours throughout the preparation.

Investing in a catering company is the best way to save time and energy, as they can provide delicious food with quality service. 

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